Top 6 Best Gaming Desks

In case you’re an advanced PC gamer, you will require a smart PC workstation. That doesn’t mean one that is canvassed in LED lights – only one that is sufficiently extensive for your screen, yet more critically, one that is agreeable and sits at the correct stature.
With such huge numbers of gaming desks available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. You don’t need to stress, however: we’ve done the exploration for you and discovered a number of the best gaming desks available in 2018.

Best Gaming Desks 2018

NameWeight Dimensions 
Z-Line Belaire
96.5 pounds
24 x 60 x 37 inches
Check Price
Atlantic Gaming Desk
43.6 pounds26.25 x 44.75 x 7 inches Check Price
EvoDesk Gaming Desk
--48" (30” x 48" x .75”), 60" (30” x 60” x .75”), 72" (30” x 72” x .75”) Check Price
Arozzi Gaming Desk
85.5 pounds32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
Check Price
DXRacer Gaming Desk
70 pounds
31.5 x 31.5 x 47.3 inches
Check Price
ApexDesk Elite Series 71
160 pounds
71”W x 33”D Check Price

Z-Line Belaire

Z-Line Designs L Belaire Glass Computer Desk with Large Work Area Ideal for Home or Office and Durable Black Gloss Metal Coating
The L Belaire glass computer desk from Z-Line Designs doubles the traditional office surface with its L-shaped design that fits perfectly in the corners. The black metal frame and glass desk surface add a light, contemporary look to any space and the raised screen shelf allows ergonomic viewing.

  • Black structure and clear tempered glass blend in with any modern decor
  • L-shaped construction with plenty of work space
  • Sliding drawer for keyboard with space for mouse keeping the desk in good order
  • Monitor shelf is elevated for comfortable, ergonomic viewing
  • Reinforced plates on all welded joints for maximum strength and durability
  • Measures 37 x 60 x 24 in
  • Complete assembly required

Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a work station assembled particularly for gamers! You can tell that Atlantic remembered gamers needs when designing this gaming desk. The one drawback is that there isn’t much space, it is an extremely minimized work or gaming desk. On the off chance that you have an expansive multi-screen setup you can either evacuate the raised screen stand or you can purchase a cinch that connects the two screens. By expelling the raised remain in the middle you can fit up to two 27 inch screens one next to the other.

The significant upside is that Atlantic packs a ton of usefulness into this work area. It has 2 speaker plate for a double speaker setup, link administration, a cabinet, a frill plate (pleasant place for advanced mobile phone/ipod/and so on.), amusement hold, a place to hang your earphones as an afterthought, and (our top choice) a drink holder! Ideal for a measure of joe or a caffeinated drink.

The rack zone hanging underneath may give off an impression of being a console plate or something of the sort. The rack is really a place to fit an electrical extension. This empowers you to run cables to it and keep things looking sorted out. Its steel pole outline is worked to get destroyed. The down to earth configuration has served numerous gamers as an extraordinary answer for their gaming setup.

EvoDesk Gaming Desk

About a year back, we investigated the likelihood of gaming without sitting on a butt-platform. There was a pattern beginning with standing work stations, and we needed access. How could it work out? Previous EIC Evan Lahti found that after a time of relearning his work station propensities, it was really hard to backpedal to sitting in a seat. Be that as it may, he went all DIY on the development of a useful (if marginally unsafe) standing Ikea frankendesk. Of course, that saved money on cost, however there was no modifying the entire setup each time he needed to change positions.

Nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives in the standing work area advertise that are completely customizable at the push of a catch. So we got one in from an organization that says its gaming desk is really intended for gaming: EvoDesk.

There are two essential segments to the EvoDesk as far as anyone knows intended for gamers. The primary: the work area has an inward edge as an afterthought where you position yourself. This gets you nearer in to the entire surface zone of the work area while giving your arms more reach. The second is a covering EvoDesk calls EvoGuard, which is a favor name for a hard surface covering that is finished comparatively to hard-surface mouse mats. The thought here is to forego a tangle by and large, yet that may rely upon the mouse you utilize.

Arozzi Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arena is not only a state-of-the-art gaming desk, it’s also a giant water-resistant mouse pad. The entire office area is covered with a washable mouse pad that can be interchanged with other mouse pads from the same game. With its 3 cable management cutouts, this spacious 160 cm x 82 cm office has an extra mesh pocket for cable management. With its Swedish design, The Arena Office is a must for gamers!

  • 5mm thick custom shaped mouse pad with topstitched edges covering the entire tray for maximum freedom and fl exibility.
  • Extremely durable materials
  • Integrated cable management under the desk.
  • The desk and mouse pad have three open cutouts for cable management. The blanks each have a space for holding a monitor arm.
  • Set the desired height of the desktop 70-80 cm (27.5 “- 31.5”)
  • Available colors: red, blue, green, white and black

DXRacer Gaming Desk

With a triangle structure, the DXRacer Gaming Desk can easily accommodate all your gamer hardware, whether your screens, your keyboard, your mouse or even different accessories, everything will have its place on this desk with unique design.
That’s not all, the DXRacer Gaming Desk has a 10-degree tilt in the forearms to ensure optimal posture (reduced pain) during your long games. In addition, the office has intelligent cable management through openings at the ends.

  • A real desk for gamers
  • Natural wood surface
  • Solid design: supports a maximum weight of 50 kg
  • Intelligent cable management
  • 360 ° adjustable feet for even more stability
  • Dimensions: 787 x 1193 x 787 mm

ApexDesk Elite Series 71

The ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk gives you a chance to change flawlessly from a sitting to standing position inside a matter of seconds. Double engines lifting component takes into account better tallness range and weight limit. Tabletops are made out of strong, thick 1-inch covered MDF.

Steel-built casing and one-piece focus shaft gives more prominent solidness without including a crossbar. Studies propose substituting from sitting to standing positions for the duration of the day can give numerous medical advantages and lift profitability.

Advantages of utilizing power balanced standing workstation:

  • Ease of changing positions from sitting to standing
  • Increase vitality and core interest
  • Reduce neck and back strains
  • Keeps you solid

Item Features:

  • Height flexible from 29 to 48 inches tall
  • Fast and calm 1.3 inches stature alteration speed
  • Desktop measure: 71″ wide x 33″ profound
  • Desk bolsters weight farthest point of 225 lbs
  • Dual engines lifting instrument