Top 6 Best Headphones, Wireless Headphones and Earbuds

Often, the headphones supplied with your smartphone or tablet are not very good quality and wear out very quickly. To overcome this need, we brought you the best headphones in 2018 currently available. They are in different shapes, sizes and performances. In the audio market you will find mainly three types of headphones:
In-ear headphones fit into the hollow of your ear.
The headphones “supra-aural” (on-ear) are with hoop and pads and rest on the ear.
The “circum-aural” (over-ear), meanwhile, are also arched, but unlike the previous ones, they completely cover your ears and rest on your head.
Most of the headphones on offer have a cord, but there are wireless Bluetooth connection. If you have the latest iPhone, you can use the Lightning to Jack adapter to connect your headphones.

Best Headphones, Wireless Headphones and Earbuds 2018

Jabra MOVE Wireless

If at first sight we can have a frugal, almost Spartan sensation, in contact with this pair of headphones, we learn over the minutes to appreciate it. Everything is fine on the Move Wireless: the hoop, the cable that connects the ear pieces together, the ear pieces themselves, the pads. This finesse gives it a graceful flexibility. The quality of the materials is good (skeleton made of stainless steel, matt plastic nicely worked, mesh resistant) and offers in turn a great robustness. The construction is serious and controlled.

The pads rotate very slightly to adopt the right inclination on the auricular pavilion. The comfort is still very good, the headphones, light as a feather puffin, being almost completely forgotten after a few minutes. As for the arch, it squeezes just enough to stay perfectly in place, even during a frantic race to catch the bus, without being felt.

Sennheiser PXC 550

Black, Sennheiser knows how to do things. Shiny, granulated, tinted, iridescent, ribbed, metallic … the brand scrolls the sober designs, which follow each other but are not alike. What is certain is that the PXC 550 is not similar to its predecessor, the PXC 450, let alone Momentum Wireless.

The surprisingly shaped oval shape of the earcups makes it very pleasant to cover the pavilions, while the thick memory foam pads coated with imitation leather combined with the arch lined with the same materials offer excellent comfort. The PXC 550, adaptable to large and small cranial templates, can therefore be worn for hours without causing discomfort.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

This is the end-of-year surprise of Bose. A year and a half after marketing the QuietComfort 35, the American manufacturer released a second version. That owners of the first model are reassured, the difference between the two models is at the margin, especially as regards the audio quality and noise reduction. The QC 35 II is simply equipped with a new button on the left earphone, dedicated to the Google Assistant.

For the rest, even Bose is reassuring. The manufacturer indicates that the two headsets provide the same quality of sound, comfort, finish, autonomy and noise reduction. Assertions that we could verify in a few nuances. On the bandwidth first, our QC 35 II test specimen has a more homogeneous sound signature than its predecessor. This is particularly the case in extreme, severe and acute, where the curve falls less brutally. In practice, it is almost impossible to hear any difference between the two.

Bose SoundSport Free

In the earbud market, Bose has stood out for years now with its famous “Stay Hear” earmuffs (note the play on words) that never fail to offer excellent support and comfort. This is again the case with the SoundSport Free, accompanied by their silicone finned fins flanked by a “stabilizer” to introduce in the pavilion of the ear. The intras are positioned without any harm, hold perfectly in place without exerting any particular pressure in the channel, and feel very little, despite a fairly large volume. The adjustments that one has to make during the use are rare and minimal.

At the top of the right chassis is perched the on / off and pairing button. Here again, Bose’s incomparable know-how delivers unmatched connectivity: not only is the pairing extremely fluid and the connection very reliable, but it is also possible to connect to two devices simultaneously. The flip-flop is automatically done as soon as one of the devices broadcasts an audio file or receives a call, but can also be triggered manually by briefly pressing the same button. Upon ignition, a female voice tells us the remaining battery level, as well as all connected devices.

Nuraphone Headphone

At first look, the Nuraphones resemble some other earphones. Metal over-ear glasses and a dark complete aren’t made to emerge.

Turn them around however, and you’ll see earpieces that jab out of each glass. The units are softly spring-stacked as well, with a specific end goal to fit diverse ear and head shapes. This is adept for an arrangement of earphones whose logic depends on tweaking the experience for you.

The fit and feel is unordinary, not slightest in light of the fact that the earpieces don’t really feel very like headphones. I wear IEMs more often than not, remarkably obtrusive, and discover the sensation blurs sooner or later in light of the fact that it doesn’t change. The tips are solidified in your ears.

Sony WH-1000XM2

The sensations of comfort are excellent: the arch unfolds amply, the points of pressure and the weight are very well distributed, the contact with the pads is soft … Once the headphone is on the head, one ends quickly by the forget. Only the QC35 can possibly be more comfortable if you are looking a little more airy and even lighter.

As far as the user experience is concerned, the Sony WH-1000XM2 is largely based on the elements that made the success of its predecessor. The controls are via a touch panel located on the right atrium (management of playback, calls, listening volume and navigation between tracks) and with two buttons located under the left atrium (tensioning / power off / pairing, enable / disable / optimize active noise reduction and Ambient Sound).